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Art is ageless

The Senior Artists Network is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to promoting and fostering the talents of Chicago-area artists age 50 or older. Welcome to our site! Please contact us via the CONTACT page if you have any questions not answered here.

SAN is operated by a volunteer board representing a diverse membership from all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

SAN Membership Benefits

  1. Exhibit in the Annual Members Show, enter the juried Later Impressions exhibition, as well as various smaller exhibitions we
    organize around the Chicago area.
  2. Participate in membership social and educational programs,
    including the annual SAN Symposium.

SAN Board Members

  • CanteleChris Cantele - President
  • Vicky Tesmer - Vice President
  • Larry ChaitLarry Chait - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kathi Beste Kathi Beste - Communications

We are also recruiting for volunteers to assist with development, fundraising, membership, and community partnerships.
Volunteers / Board Members-at-Large: Patricia Berg-Drazin, Catherine Cajandig, Howard Frank, Patricia O'Malley, and Patricia Stewart.